About Us

The purpose of the Packer Backers is to support, encourage and generally assist athletic, speech, drama and (at the discretion of the Board) other programs and events in the high school. It consists of a group of volunteers made up of parents and fans that are dedicated to support events, athletic programs, the arts, and West Fargo High School in general.

Our major sources of funding are as follows:

1) Annual Packer Backer memberships;

2) Sponsor Signage & other marketing advertisements from area businesses;

3) Fundraising events;  

4) Selling concessions at various events and

5) General donations.

Packer Backers use the funds generated to help defray expenses students would incur where there is insufficient funding available through the school. This includes but is not limited to helping students pay portions of some entry fees or the cost difference between the expenses of using a school bus versus a charter bus for lengthy trips out of town. Equipment not budgeted through the school has also been purchased. Packer Backers has donated over $51,000 to many of the organizations and activities mentioned above.

Requests for assistance are made by students and their advisors/coaches of the extracurricular activities. Forms can be requested and submitted to our Activities Director office. These requests are then reviewed by the Packer Backer Board of Directors for their consideration. The students and their advisors/coaches are asked to attend and present their requests at our monthly board meetings.

We appreciate the opportunity to assist groups in all areas of our school including speech, debate, drama, music, theater, technology, publications, science Olympiad, close-up, Packer Pride awards, Jr. ROTC, and student congress. Contributions are also made to Post-Prom and Post-Graduation parties in support of our students.

Check out the groups we’ve assisted this past school year!  LINK

If you have questions or are interested in learning more about the Packer Backers, please contact us via email at wfpackerbackers@gmail.com.  We look forward to continuing to support our students, school and community with your partnership!